Cadence is a software package used at GWU for the following courses:

  • ECE 126
  • ECE 128
  • ECE 213
  • ECE 214
  • ECE 218

Notes on how to configure your SEAS user account for the various versions of Cadence are located below.

Latest Version ConfigurationEdit

The latest version of Cadence installed at GWU is version: 6.1.X

To configure your environment, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have an active SEAS account.
(If you do not have a SEAS account, please go to Room 401 to activate your SEAS account.)
  1. Login to a SUN workstation in Tompkins 405 using your SEAS username/passwd.
  2. Open a terminal window, by right clicking anywhere on the desktop, and selecting: Tools-->Terminal
  3. Add the following lines to your .profile using these steps:
    1. type: gedit .profile
    2. If you have never used Cadence add the following lines at the END of .profile file
[[ `hostname` != hobbes ]] && . /apps/cadence/startup_scripts/virtuoso.env
save and close the .profile file
    1. If you HAVE used Cadence during a previous semester, remove ANY and ALL configuration information from your .profile. Any old information will conflict with this new configuration.
    2. Once you've remove all the old information, add the following linese at the END of your .profile
[[ `hostname` != hobbes ]] && . /apps/cadence/startup_scripts/virtuoso.env
save and close the .profile file
  1. Make a new directory that you will use for your cadence designs:
mkdir ece126
you can call the directory any name you like, but if you are in ece 126, use "ece126" as shown above
  1. Copy the following Cadence configuration files into your directory:
cp /apps/design_kits/ncsu-cdk-1.6.0.beta/.cdsinit ~/ece126
cp /apps/design_kits/ncsu-cdk-1.6.0.beta/.cdsenv ~/
  1. Logout of the workstation
  2. Login to the workstation
  3. Start Cadence by typing the following command:
cd ece126
if you used a different name, type that in after 'cd' 
virtuoso &

Latest Version Installation InformationEdit

This section pertains to Cadence users who wish to know how Cadence itself has been installed on the GWU SEAS-CF servers. Typical users will not need this information.

Cadence version 5.1Edit

An older version of cadence, version: 5.10.41_USR5.90.69 is installed at Cadence for the VLSI research group.

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