At GWU, the drug scene isn't exceptionally huge, but like all universities, it is a problem nonetheless.

Alcohol useEdit

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Marijuana useEdit

Cocaine useEdit

Adderall useEdit

Some students use the drug Adderall to stay awake to study for tests. It is intended to be prescribed for treating Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Other drug useEdit

Drug Policies at GWEdit

Drug Education, Prevention, and AwarenessEdit

The primary organization facilitating the education, prevention, and awareness of drug use on campus is The Center for Alcohol and other Drug Education. According to its website, The Center for Alcohol and other Drug Education facilitates the prevention of substance-related problems by:

  • Being the University community's walk-in resource center for alcohol and other drug related information, educational programming, and referrals.
  • Training and working with CADE Peer Educators to facilitate prevention programs, awareness activities, and proactive campaigns about substance use and other wellness issues.
  • Providing classroom support for information on topics related to alcohol and other drugs.
  • Supporting and encouraging student organizations to incorporate alcohol and other drug education into their programming and events.
  • Offering an alternative to alcohol and other drug use through consistently supporting campus and community social events that are alcohol-free or that encourage responsible alcohol use.
  • Educating students via judicial sanctions about low to no-risk drinking choices, alcohol abuse, addiction and the impact substance use has on the surrounding community.
  • Identifying environmental forces in the community which place students at high risk for alcohol and other drug problems, and working with local consortiums and organizations to minimize risks.
  • Changing the campus culture surrounding substance use by correcting students' misperceptions regarding quantity and frequency of alcohol consumption in their communities.
  • Collecting and using alcohol and other drug-related research from local and national reports and surveys to educate the community.

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