The Schenley is a co-ed student residence hall on the Foggy Bottom campus at 2121 H St. hosting 172 sophomore students.

Schenley GWU

The Schenley


The Schenley is centrally located on the Foggy Bottom campus, making it a desirable option for sophomores. It is next to or near the Marvin Center , Kogan Plaza , University Yard , Lisner Auditorium , Gelman Library and Starbucks. It is about 5 minutes from the Foggy Bottom Metro and about 10 minutes from any part of campus.

Building and Room StructureEdit

The Schenley contains doubles and triples among eight residential floors, plus a basement with laundry facilities.

Breakdown of available room types:

  • 71% of students will live in doubles
  • 29% of students will live in triples


The Schenley was built in 1920.

The Schenley will be demolished after the 2012-2013 academic year, along with Crawford Hall and The West End, to make space for the new "superdorm ," an upperclass residence hall that will cost the university $2.5 million.


Residents must swipe their GWorld card once to get through the main doors to the lobby and another time to get either to the stairwell, the first floor rooms, or the elevator. If residents are in the basement, the must swipe to access either the stairs or the elevator.


  • Location is the biggest advantage of being in Schenley. As noted above, it is centrally located on the Foggy Bottom campus and next to the Marvin Center and the J Street food court, making it easily accessible for freshmen to use their mandatory spending.
  • The Schenley is usually seen as being a residence hall with a good mix of partying and studying atmosphere. It's not crazy like Thurston, but not totally quiet like a residence hall on the Vern, for example.


  • Being one of the oldest dorms on campus, The Schenley does have its share of dirty corners and cobwebs. The halls and rooms are re-painted every year, resulting in painted-shut windows and layers of moldy paint.
  • There is only one elevator that can comfortably fix a max of 5 people.

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